July 2015
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A Guide's Most Amazing Day
Sweet and Tangy

In Search Of Nature’s Jewelry

A “guide’s-eye view” on tourism and natural beauty. Jonathan Saborio Montoya is a creative and inspiring young man we had the pleasure to meet while on assignment in Costa Rica.

Pineapple Express

What is it about the tropics? Simply being on vacation makes everything taste sweeter and more refreshing.

Where Is That Amazing Waterfall?

Ancient legend attributed the beautiful blue color to God washing his paint brush in the river after he painted the sky. Another legend of the first inhabitants believed the blue lagoon was a crater of the volcano which was later discovered to be false.

Prince or Frog? Are They Real?

Slippery, slimy, no way. These guys are way too much fun.

Oh! Limon Sorbet Too!

Tart, tangy lime sorbet is simple, quick and tasty.

Getting the Squeeze Right

There is nothing like that fresh picked flavor. How we  bring flavors home? It’s all in the Squeeze! Central America is blessed with many abundances and the flavor of just-picked fruit is one of the many memories that last long after a trip. So what’s that amazing flavor? Is it grown on site, nearby? Ask [...]