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This is the magazine of Costa Rica dedicated to you, our reader, our guest; Costa Rica Guest Magazine.  It’s your way to find the authentic Costa Rica and the true Costa Rica Guest experience.

What’s the Costa Rica Guest experience?  It’s an intimate encounter with a place, the people, nature and wildlife that stimulates your senses, stirs your emotions and leaves you with everlasting memories from a trip well done!

Finding your Guest experience is an individual process of discovery, a lot like a recipe that involves preparation and practice.  Two people can follow the same recipe with excellent, yet uniquely different results.  Our format for this magazine will help you find the heart and soul of Costa Rica, with that, the amazing things in store for you.

Our approach is simple.  In our magazine, we don’t offer fast-food style articles.  We offer leisurely, full-course features with vivid imagery to prepare you for the most incredible experiences and memories waiting to be made. Our website will be more concise for actual travel planning and updated frequently with new destinations, tips and news.

When we asked tourism experts in Costa Rica how visitors could improve their experiences, the overwhelming responses were; more knowledge about the destinations being visited, better planning for getting around the country and most importantly, to spend more time in each location, don’t rush.  Though we can’t provide readers with more vacation time, but we can offer a preview and impart knowledge about the people, places to see, things to do and how to get around to plan a more successful journey.

We’ve found the way, but it’s not ours to keep, it’s ours to share.  We invite you to join us to find your way.  Be our guest.  Find a comfortable spot and enjoy the many new friends and incredible places you’ll find within these pages to make your travel dreams become reality.

We’re Vida Travel+Media, Pura Vida.


The publishers have been involved in sport, adventure and leisure travel since before meeting while living at a ski resort in their 20’s. Traveling over a million miles, they have experienced many exciting destinations around the world. Today their passion is Costa Rica due to its incredible diversity and close proximity to the USA. With multiple international recognitions as Costa Rica experts, they bring a unique and personal point of view to the independent traveler seeking to broaden travel experiences beyond traditional sight seeing.

In addition to being Editor, April operates Vida Travel, a full-service, custom travel agency for individuals and groups seeking the Costa Rica Guest experience.  Jerry is Senior Contributor to TripAdvisor® (CostaRicaGuest) and member of Tripadvisor’s Insighters panel.  He is an avid photographer who’s photos are featured throughout the magazine and website.