First Sighting

At first thought it was a patch of blue sky piercing the rainforest canopy; but its light moving, bending. Moving horizontally with erratic patterns. Eyes drawn to the brilliant blue flashes, following with absolute focus, then its gone. The unavoidable reaction to the first sighting of the blue morpho (Morpho peleides). The top of its wings are a brilliant reflective, irideMORPHOCLOSED-0050scent blue, edged in black that creates the display, while the under side are camouflaged to protect against predators, having a non-reflective dull brown with multiple eye-like spots. With all those eyes staring back, what predator would want to attack?

The vivid brilliant blue color is a result of microscopic scales on the back of the wings. When in flight the bright blue and brown colors flash giving off an illusion of appearing and disappearing. They are spectacular in flight, especially when in a group flying together. The blue morpho is difficult to photograph because while resting their wings are usually folded, seeing onlymorpho-00028 the camouflage part if you can find it. Just when you think you will capture the brilliant blue upon opening their wings, they take off in flight bobbing up and down or close their wings again.