Corcovado National Park

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Corcovado National Park covers a substantial area of the Osa Peninsula located in Southwest Costa Rica. Established in 1975 the park encompasses an area of 425 km. Corcovado is widely considered the “crown jewel” of parks in Costa Rica and world renowned for its bio-diversity and prolific wildlife. The park is host to the largest primary rainforest in the American Pacific coastline with many rare and endangered species calling this park home including the very rare harpy eagle. Mammals found here include ocelot, jaguar, puma, white tipped peccary, silky anteater,  two and three toed sloths, and tapir. The parks rivers and lagoons are home to a population of both the American crocodile and Spectacled Caiman. All four species of monkeys found in Costa Rica reside here as well. These include squirrel, white faced capuchin, mantled howler, and spider monkeys.

The Osa peninsula contains the complete tropical insect ecosystem from Mexico to Panama and 6,000 species of insects are found in Corcovado park. In addition to insects, 140 species of mammals, and almost 400 species of birds are found here. There are three entrances to the park; San Pedrillo in the Northwest, Los Patos to the East, and La Leona to the South. Sirena Ranger Station is the headquarters of the park and  offers overnight accommodations. Access to Sirena is by boat or air charter. This is the best destination for maximizing wildlife viewing.