Real Estate Tours

Costa Rica is so enchanting and affordable that guests are often inspired to look into real estate investment to have a piece of paradise to call their own.  We hear visitor comments ranging from retirement in Costa Rica, buying a second home, a time-share to purchasing rental or income property. Whatever the desire, whatever the reason, Costa Rica has been welcoming foreign investors, home owners, retirees and ex-pats for many years.  But how does one navigate through the intricacies of foreign investment?

It seems natural that Costa Rica, known for the broad range of tours and activities, would have a tour for those interested in real estate. And quite naturally, real estate property tours do exist and make perfect sense for visitors looking to learn about land investments, home building, locations and laws, while only having to dedicate a small amount time to do so.

For those seriously seeking to find their own piece of paradise, an organized real estate tour might be the sole purpose of a trip. For others, a real estate tour might be best to add to either end of a vacation itinerary.  Either way, it makes logical sense to set aside and dedicate the time and energy necessary for something as important as real estate investment or retirement destinations.

Pacific Lots of Costa Rica is one such real estate tour that offers a variety of schedules throughout the year. If the warm, tropical Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is something that interests you, we suggest that you check in with Pacific Lots as tours do sell out quickly. To make the most of your trip, coordinate your itinerary with your travel agent or contact Vida Travel for pre and post tour options.  You can find more about Pacific Lots at